Welcome to Fukuoka City!

Welcome to Fukuoka City, one of the most populated cities in Japan (currently, 1.5 million people are living in Fukuoka) and the largest city in Kyushu Island. Kyushu is the third largest island of Japan, located at the southwestern part of the country. Fukuoka is situated at the northern area of the island.

September and October are very comfortable season. Weather information can be available on the following webpage.


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Ramen (Japanese noodle soup)
In Fukuoka, you can find Hakata Ramen. Hakata Ramen is a very famous noodle soup made of tonkotsu (pork bone broth). We recommend the following restaurants:

Photos (courtesy of Fukuoka City)
more information
  • Fukuoka Ramen Guide
  • Tadaima Japan

  • Yatai (Food stall)

    Yatai is the name of outdoor food stalls. You can find many Yatai in Fukuoka’s streets at night time. Enjoy various foods and find your favarite Yatai during your stay!

    Photos (courtesy of Fukuoka City)

    Photos (courtesy of Fukuoka City)

    more information

  • Fukuoka Travel: Food Stalls (Yatai) @ japan-guid.com

  • Food and Drink (including ones of the neighboring prefectures)
    In Fukuoka, you can eat many kinds of delicious foods. Especially, seafood is quite good because Fukuoka faces the Sea.
  • Globefish (Fugu) dishes
  • Tecchiri: Hot pot of fugu
  • Fresh squid sashimi
  • Longtooth grouper dishes
  • Sekisaba, Sekiaji (Special mackerel and horse mackerel)
  • Saga beef

  • Photos (courtesy of Fukuoka City)

    In addition, the Kyushu area is famous for Japanese local alcohol called "Shochu (焼酎)". You can try many kinds of Shochu during the conference.
  • Tominohouzan (富乃宝山)
  • Yamaneko (山ねこ)
  • Sekitoba (赤兎馬)
  • Kirishima (霧島)
  • Hyakunennokodoku (百年の孤独)
  • Torikai (鳥飼)

  • Nature

    Onsen (Hot spring)

    "Onsen" is a term for hot spring in Japanese. In Kyushu area, there are famous Onsen spots.

  • Unzen (Nagasaki prefecture)
  • Ureshino (Saga prefecture)
  • Takeo (Saga prefecture)
  • Yufuin (Oita prefecture)
  • Beppu (Oita prefecture)
  • Kurokawa (Kumamoto prefecture)
  • Ibusuki (Kagoshima prefecture)

  • Volcanos

    In Kyushu, there are two famous active volcanoes. These volcanoes are also a sightseeing spot in Kyushu.

  • Mount Aso (Kumamoto Prefecture)
  • Sakurajima (Kagoshima Prefecture)

  • Tradition and Culture

    Sightseeing Spots
  • Mojiko Retro Area
    Mojiko is the name of the port of Moji which has been prominent as an international trading port. You can see several old style buildings that creates a nostalgic atmosphere. Mojiko Station is one of Japan's important cultural properties.
  • Fukuoka Tower
    You can have a fantastic panoramic view of Fukuoka city from 123 meters high.
  • Dazaifu Tenmangu
    Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine is the national headquarters for all Tenmangu shrines.
  • Kyushu National Museum
    Japan has a total of four national museums in Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, and Fukuoka/Kyushu, respectively. Kyushu National Museum focuses on Japanese culture from the perspective of Asian history, whereas other museums' focus is mostly on art collections.

  • Japanese traditional sightseeing spots: Shrines and Castles

    Japanese shrines are located near the conference site.

  • Kushida-jinja
  • Sumiyoshi-jinja
  • In addition, there are many Shrines and Japanese Castles in Kyushu area.

  • Kokura Castle (Fukuoka prefecture)

  • Karatsu Castle (Saga prefecture)
  • Kumamoto Castle (Kumamoto prefecture)
  • You can find more castles in Kyushu, here.

    Additional Information

    Fukuoka City Website:

    Fukuoka’s website contains many useful information. Here is some information we think might be interesting for you:

  • Fukuoka Facts:
    Interesting facts about Fukuoka.
  • Kawaii* ward (8th ward, imaginarily):
    This website contains some useful, casual movies about Fukuoka: here
    *Kawaii (Japanese language): adjective; cute, sweet, charming, darling, precious
  • Yokanabi: Fukuoka/Hakata Tourist Information Site:
    You can find more sightseeing information about Fukuoka.
  • Fukuoka Travel Guide @ japan-guid.com
  • Fukuoka Prefecture Tourist Information @ CROSS ROAD FUKUOKA
  • JAPAN: the Official Guide @ Japan National Tourism Organization

  • Technology

    Trains, Shinkansen

    In Kyushu area, there are many characteristic trains. You can easily go to other prefectures in Kyushu using these trains. More detailed information can be available from here.

    Photos (courtesy of Fukuoka City)


    Free Public Wi-Fi Service

    In Fukuoka city, you can find many places where you can access the Internet using free public wireless LAN services such as the following:

  • Fukuoka City Wi-Fi:
    Fukuoka City provides a free public Wi-Fi service for every visitor.
  • Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi:
    This application enables wireless Internet access via your phone for visitors to Japan. You can use this application at several places not only in Fukuoka but also in the rest of Japan.

  • Other attractive places
  • Battleship Island (Nagasaki prefecture)
  • Nagasaki Peace Park (Nagasaki prefecture)
  • Huis Ten Bosch (Nagasaki prefecture)
  • Imari porcelain (Saga prefecture)
  • Marine World Uminonakamichi (Fukuoka prefecture)
  • Diving in Karatsu (Saga)