How to attend 3DV2020 as an author

Oral sessions

Poster sessions

paper page discussion

Oral paper authors


Poster paper authors

All authors of the papers accepted to 3DV2020 will present their work via our virtual conference platform. There are three media available to present your work:

  1. Live Q&A time in the On Air for Oral papers.
  2. Interactive online discussion via Spatial.Chat for all papers.
  3. Text chat-based discussion via Rocket.Chat for all papers.

Each day of the conference, there will be two rounds of presentations so that audience from all around the globe can enjoy the conference. It is mandatory for all papers to be presented in both rounds.

For Oral paper authors

Authors of the papers accepted for oral presentation will present their work during the live Oral Sessions. For each Oral session, one presenter for each paper will connect to the ZOOM meeting that will be live-streamed on the On Air page of the virtual conference platform. All pre-recorded short videos of the papers of the Oral session will be first played, one after the other. Then the session chair will animate joint Q&A time where the authors will answer questions from the audience picked up by the session chair from Rocket.Chat. The ZOOM meeting and streaming will be operated by SlidesLive. Detailed description about how to access the ZOOM meeting and how to communicate with the stream operator are as follows. (Invitation links to the ZOOM meeting will be sent by SlidesLive a few days before the conference)


  • Use a Zoom meeting link corresponding to your day and round.
  • Join the meeting at least 15 minutes before your session starts.
  • Make sure you are muted when joining the meeting.


  • There will be a stream operator SlidesLive Tech the whole time, please follow his instructions if there are any.
  • You can communicate verbally in the Zoom meeting just during the pre-recorded sessions (it won’t be live-streamed at that moment).
  • You can use chat to write the stream operator anytime in case you have troubles or something isn’t clear.
  • The stream operator will always let you know (verbally in Zoom meeting) before you go live.


  • The audience will watch the live stream on 3DV2020 virtual conference platform.
  • We will be switching between pre-recorded talks and live Q&A time in the Zoom meeting.
  • You can share your screen in the Zoom meeting if needed.
  • The whole time there will be a stream operator SlidesLive Tech who is ready to assist you anytime.
  • In case of any technical issues, send an email to and

For Poster paper authors

Papers accepted as poster presentation for 3DV2020 will be presented during the poster spotlight session. During the poster spotlight session, the short videos prepared by the authors will be played and streamed on the virtual conference platform. There is nothing particular to do from the authors side about showing the video. However, the authors should actively respond to the questions from the audience on the Rockect.Chat channel for their paper.

For all authors

All accepted papers to 3DV2020 will have a poster id and a place reserved in a Spatial.Chat room. During the poster sessions, presenting authors (at least one per paper for both rounds) will connect the Spatial.Chat space and enter in their specific room (each room contains 4 to 6 posters). Then the presenter can put their icon near their poster for discussion (each poster will already be displayed in the room). Below are some important points to keep in mind when using Spatial.Chat


  • Use a Spatial.Chat space link corresponding to your day and round.
  • Join your Spatial.Chat room at least 5 minutes before your session starts.
  • There is an entrance room and 8 poster rooms in Spatial.Chat, and you will enter the entrance room first.
  • Make sure to quickly move from the entrance room to your poster room when you connect to Spatial.Chat to allow other people to enter in the entrance room.
  • The room number for your poster is shown in the poster # of your paper in the conference program. For example, poster #253 means that the poster presentation is on the 2nd day and the room number is 5.
  • On Spatial.Chat you can interact with people that are around your icon. Move your icon close to the person you want to hear or talk. Voice will fade away when you move away. Please place your icon at the presenter location near your poster.
  • You can share links such as YouTube videos on the room.
  • You can upload some images into your assigned area in the room.
  • Please refrain from sharing the screen as it might lower the connection quality in the room.
  • Please always put your camera ON.

In addition, Rocket.Chat will be used for text-based discussion throughout the whole conference. For each paper accepted at 3DV2020 there will be a webpage for that paper where there will be detailed information about the paper, link to the pdf, link to the poster and the long video for on-demand viewing. There will be also a channel on Rocket.Chat for discussion. There, audience can ask questions to the authors at any time. As a consequence, all authors should pay attention to the Rocket.Chat channel of their paper throughout the whole conference.