How to attend 3DV2020 as an audience

Communication tool

Communication way

Keynote talks


text and verbal

Oral sessions


text and verbal

Poster sessions


verbally interactive

Each paper page


text based discussion

The audience of 3DV2020 will have access to live (and replay) keynotes, live oral presentations, poster spotlights streamed on the virtual conference platform, interactive presentations on Spatial.Chat and discussion via Rocket.Chat.

During the conference, at any time the On Air page will show a live stream of the current event. There, audience can watch live keynotes, oral sessions and poster spotlights. During the Q&A time for the keynotes and oral presentations, audience can ask questions via the Rocket.Chat.

During the poster sessions, audience can connect to Spatial.Chat to discuss with the authors. Audience can move into different rooms to see other posters. There will be also rooms for demos, for sponsors and for socialization. We encourage to visit those rooms as well.

At any time, audience can access each paper of the conference via the detailed program. For each paper a long video can be seen on demand, and questions can be asked directly to the authors via Rocket.Chat.

Attending live oral sessions, keynotes, and poster spotlights

  1. The audience will watch the live stream on the On Air page of 3DV2020 virtual conference platform.
  2. Questions can be asked to the presenters via Rocket.Chat

Attending interactive poster presentations

  • Use a Spatial.Chat space link corresponding to the day and round.
  • There is an entrance room and 8 poster rooms in Spatial.Chat, and you will enter the entrance room first.
  • Make sure to quickly move from the entrance room to the poster room to let other people enter Spatial.Chat space. In case you cannot enter the entrance room, please try to enter the room a few minutes later. Please note that each room can accommodate up to only 50 people.
  • The room number for each paper is shown in the poster # of each paper in the conference program. For example, poster #253 means that the poster presentation of the paper is on the 2nd day and the room number is 5.
  • On Spatial.Chat you can interact with people that are around your icon. Move your icon close to the person you want to hear or talk. Voice will fade away when you move away.
  • Please always put your camera ON.

The virtual conference platform is supported by Khushu University, Japan.